DTE Code: 2567      MSBTE Code: 1807

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Our Vision

To create a functional, globally competitive & research-focused department, but responsive to the needs of the society, while delivering world-class education and knowledge.


To place it in the forefront of research and development, innovation, knowledge transfer and human resource development in the global academic field and industry

Aims & Values

✔ To offer high quality education, training and development of technical skills to enhance productivity and efficiency.

✔ To provide students with the knowledge, skills, judgment, professional attitudes, and creativity.

✔ To develop and enhance students' skills in problem solving, critical thinking, individual and group communication

✔ To facilitate and encourage the development of mature, independent, and life-long learners in a diverse student body with different learning styles.

✔ To contribute to the advancement of the clinical and basic medical and pharmaceutical sciences through independent and collaborative research, presentation and publication.

✔ To encourage students, faculty, and preceptors to grow as professionals and to optimize their skills and capabilities.

✔ To support continuing professional development of alumni thereby fostering a positive and continuing relationship with graduates.